Bringing Intuitive Augmented

Reality to Retail

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Enables consumers to use their mobile and wearable devices to visualize products in life-like 3D, at a click of a button, in their homes or at the store


Personalizes the Experience

Accompanying your customers throughout their journey, with relevant visual content, provided in their own environment, for an engaging shopping experience


Drives Social

Allowing meaningful others to be involved in the shopping experience to gain social proof


Boosts Sales

Providing product visualization increases customers’ confidence, and results in more sales and  fewer returns

Most Realistic

True-to-life 3D visualization from any angle and distance at the best resolution and highest live video rate, without the need to print reference markers

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Consistent cross-channel experience, whether buying online at home, shopping for items in the store, or engaging with the brand on social networks

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SaaS Platform

Seamless, one line of code integration to Cimagine’s platform, for augmenting your product pages

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